About Me

Janzen Riley Tew is a talented model, stylist, photographer, and fashion blogger.  Janzen is a cowgirl to the core, born in the saddle and raised in the alley of a barn; but that never stopped her from putting her Mom’s dresses, heels and all the jewelry she could find.  In college, Janzen fell in love with photography; a passion that she has since turned into a full-time business.  Janzen also maintains her own fashion blog,  where she covers morning slack outfits, high fashion photoshoots and everything in between. She is a lover of Chinese food, Mexican food, Chick Fil A, Big Red, [bubble gum juice] anything vintage, going junkin’, and taking photographs. She enjoy scoping out new locations, decorating houses, coffee shops [if a mocha frappuccinos counts..??] and sharing her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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