All Night Drives

July 1, 2017 Rodeo Vogue

It’s the biggest week of rodeo season and that means all night drives and trying to still look cute.

We drove from Oakley UT to Cody Wy and while that’s only a short 6 hours we went from perf to slack
and that means very little sleep….

Wrangler jeans are coming in clutch and helping me get my early holiday weekend celebration on.

This Texas girl is so happy to have a Blue Bell patch on!
I mean ICE CREAM!!!

It’s also fitting to Cody Wy mascot on my back pocket today!
Here is to safe travels, good runs, and fun times over the next week!

Jeans: Wrangler
Patches: Wrangler
Turquoise Necklace: NV Jewelry

XoXo Rodeo Vogue

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