Peek A Boo

Summer rodeo run time is here. That means packing your trailer with the essentials and a few style pieces. Pack your most essential denim pieces because when you have nothing else to wear those always make you H O T! Denim, hats, heels, and staple tops are all you need. Well that and a good wine glass. I prefer a Yeti. It keeps my wine hidden and cold. And well wine… Having a simple look like this one is greatRead More

Vintage Boho

June is all about purses for me over at the Pacific Coast Journal. I talked about my favorite purses and why I pick the purses I carry and why. We all have our opinions on what makes a purse great and I thought I would share mine with the world. With the rise of fringe Louis Vuitton purses in the western industry I would share my favorite styles. Article: Pacific Coast Journal  Purses: Vintage Boho Loves Louis XoXo Rodeo Vogue