See ya later TUESDAY! Chartreusday is here to stay well for this week at least! With seasons changing soon I am starting to put together outfits that will transition easily. Chartreuse is a fun color year round, its bright for spring and it is your pop of color in the fall. When winter rolls around I usually pair it with a fur vest a fun scarf, and gloves because I am a popsicle. Oh and a hat because yes justRead More

Everyday Jewels

I am a lover of turquoise and old jewelry so I find myself on eBay daily looking for jewelry trying to find specific pieces to add to my ever growing collection along with road trips to New Mexico that mean hunting down old pieces. I love a great deal on some fine old pawn turquoise while the new items are polished and gorgeous old pawn jewelry with years of age speak to my soul. The craftsmanship on older pieces before theRead More